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Registration is now open for the third EGEE User Forum to be held in Clermont-Ferrand, France on 11-14 February, 2008!

Registration is now open for the third EGEE User Forum to be held in Clermont-Ferrand, France on 11-14 February, 2008!

The User Forum has evolved as an annual key event of the EGEE project and provides an important opportunity for members of the EGEE user community and wider grid community to present their work, discuss grid technology use with colleagues, and learn about advances in middleware and application services.

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Call for Abstracts
The Enabling Grids for EsciencE (EGEE) project has brought together scientists and grid computing practitioners from around the globe. It has established the world's largest production grid infrastructure spanning 45 countries from Europe and the rest of the World.

The EGEE grid is used daily by thousands of scientists from various disciplines such as High Energy Physics, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Computational Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Fusion. It currently supports more than 200 Virtual Organisations (VOs).

The EGEE User Forum program consists of daily plenary sessions featuring distinguished keynote speakers, followed by parallel sessions focusing on grid use within the many user disciplines, and also on specific grid technologies and techniques. Sessions for live demonstrations and posters will provide a key element of the forum.

The program committee invites abstracts for contributions following three general themes:

1 - Scientific Results Obtained Using Grid Technology: Contributions should highlightning scientific results that have been produced with the help of grid technology. These contributions should emphasize how grid technology enhanced the result (results obtained faster, results were more precise, results were possible only because of the grid as collaborative platform, etc.).

2 - Application Porting and Deployment: Contributions highlightning or overviewing the functional aspects required to port an application to the grid infrastructure, emphasizing how grid technology and services meet those needs. Issues encountered when porting the application or experiences running it should be included.

3 - Existing or Prospective Grid Services: Contributions highlightning developments in grid middleware services or APIs. These presentations should explain the purpose of the software, added benefits, typical use cases, and how the software interacts with other grid services. Deployed software should include real-world experiences with it; proposed services should provide an implementation plan.

Contributions may be offered either for oral presentation, posters or live demonstrations. The demonstrations represent a separate track but must address any combination of the three above themes and must have a strong vusual or interactive impact. presentation. Contributors should ensure a sufficient presence at the User Forum in order for the demonstration to be manned continuously during the demo sessions.

Abstracts should be concise and follow the limits specified in the templates. They should be well-written and provide updated results when similar contributions have been made to previous EGEE events (Conferences and User Forums). All abstracts will be evaluated according to their relevance with the selected theme, their completeness and significance in terms of the scientific contribution. Abstracts that do not meet the above required scientific and qualitative criteria will be rejected. The official language for the abstracts is English.

Tutorials and Trainings

In case you are interested to organize a tutorial or meeting in conjunction with the User Forum, you are invited to contact the Program and Local Organization Committee chairs. Tutorials and project meetings can be performed on Monday morning, Thursday afternoon or on Friday. Rooms for meetings and tutorials in parallel to the User Forum can not be delivered.

Important Dates:

Abstract submission opening date: 22nd of October Deadline for abstract submission: 3rd of December Notification of acceptance: 17th of December

For more details and up to date information visit:


Vangelis Floros, GRNET and NCSR "Demokritos"


Nathanael Verhaeghe, HealthGrid

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Registration is now open for the third EGEE User Forum to be held in Clermont-Ferrand, France on 11-14 February, 2008!

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