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Egee Partner: KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics Budapest, Hungary

Number: 7

Abbreviation: KFKI-RMKI

Activity : NA1, SA1

Country: Hungary

Federation : Central Europe

Web Portal : http://www.Grid.kfki.hu/

Contracting Partner : yes


KFKI-RMKI The leading laboratory of Hungary in particle physics, collaborator in particle physics experiments at CERN, Geneva; GSI, Darmstadt and Brookhaven. Significant theoretical and experimental activity in heavy ion physics, biophysics plasma physics, solid state physics and space research. Serious commitment in Education: leading scientists are teaching at universities all over Hungary. Operating GRID station. SA1: Operate RC in 7/24 regime, support of all LHC VO's + VO HunGrid, HEP + local applications (biology, solid state, cosmology, materials science).Educate and bring in non-HEP users, support other Hungarian LCG sites, develop and test Grid security (CA, RA, firewall).

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