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Egee Partner: Warsaw University, Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw, Poland

Number: 11

Abbreviation: UW

Activity : NA1, NA2, NA3, SA1

Country: Poland

Federation : Central Europe

Web Portal : http://www.icm.edu.pl

Contracting Partner : yes


ICM UW High Performance Computing Centre of the largest university in Poland, education in applied mathematics, computing and sciences, operator of university network, host of Centre for Advanced Technologies, operator of Academic Network TV, produces and serves weather forecast for Central Europe, participant of many EU-funded FP5 and FP6, national and commercial projects, including 4 Grid projects. Expertise in mainframe and cluster computing (CRAY X1, 2*180 CPU clusters based on AMD Opterons), computational biosciences, large-scale experimental data processing, scientific visualization, computational material sciences. SA1: Provide computing resources and core services to 7-10 VOs on the EGEE-II Grid, Operate ticketing tool and knowledge data base for end-users in CE, being an entry point to GGUS, provide experts for problem handling, Monitor and predict the Grid and resource state Coordinate resource usage with national and regional Grid initiatives. NA2: Prepare and coordinate regular press releases in Poland on quarterly basis, Arrange and publish articles and interviews in computing journals, also Web publishing. Organize Grid event in the framework of Festival of Science in Warsaw. In NA3: Organize induction and application courses in Poland, Collect, compile and publish course material on the Web.

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