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EGEE Partners are those people and institutions that are currently using the Grid or providing a computational resource to it in the next two years of the project.

The EGEE project consists of two-types of partners: contracting and non-contracting partners.
EGEE contracting partners have signed the EGEE contract and receive contributions from the EU, whereas non-contracting partners do not receive any EU contributions but are interested in the programme of work and participate in some EGEE activities.
EGEE partners also include the people and organisations from many different fields, and together help realise the EGEE project.

Below is a searchable list of EGEE contracting partners for the second two years phase the EGEE project. A list of non-Contracting Partners who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding is available here

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 #  Name   Abbreviation   Activity   Country   Federation   Web portal 
16 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils, Oxfordshire - UK CCLRC NA1; NA5; SA1; JRA1; United Kingdom Ireland and the United Kingdom
17 The University of Edinburgh-Edinburgh, UK UEDIN NA1; NA2; NA3; NA4; SA1; United Kingdom Ireland and the United Kingdom
18 Imperial College, London, UK Imperial NA1; SA1; SA3; United Kingdom Ireland and the United Kingdom
19 Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland ETHZ NA3; NA4; SA1; Switzerland Germany and Switzerland
20 Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique 31-33 rue de la Fédération 75752 Paris cedex 15- France CEA NA1; NA4; SA1; France France
21 Compagnie Générale de Géophysique, MASSY, FRANCE CGG NA1; NA4; SA1; France France
22 Centre National Recherche Scientifique France CNRS NA3; NA4; SA1; SA2; JRA2; France France
23 Communication & Systèmes, Systèmes d'information,Paris, France CS SI NA1; NA4; SA1; JRA2; France France
24 CRSA – Chatenay Malabry France CRSA NA1; NA2; NA4; France France
25 Deutsches Elektronen- Synchrotron in der Helmholtz- Gemeinschaft, Hamburg, Germany DESY NA1; SA1; Germany Germany and Switzerland
26 Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH, Hamburg, Germany DKRZ NA4; Germany Germany and Switzerland
27 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. , München, Germany FhG/SCAI NA1; NA4; SA1; Germany Germany and Switzerland
28 Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany FZK NA1; NA2; NA3; SA1; Germany Germany and Switzerland
29 Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH, Darmstadt, Germany GSI NA1; SA1; Germany Germany and Switzerland
30 DATAMAT S.p.A., Roma, Italy DATAMAT NA1; JRA1; Italy Italy

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