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Call for Abstracts for the 3rd EGEE User Forum now open — published 22/10/2007

The Call for Abstracts of the 3rd EGEE User Forum opened on 22 October 2007

Announcing the EU-IndiaGrid Conference in Conjunction with e-Science 2007, Bangalore, India — published 19/10/2007

The EU-IndiaGrid Conference takes place 13-14 December in conjunction with the the 3rd IEEE International Conference on e-Science & Grid Computing, 10-13 December, Bangalore, India.

Announcement - Call for papers: NORDUnet2008 — published 17/10/2007

NORDUnet2008, held 9-11 April 2008 in Espoo in Helsinki, Finland, is calling for papers on the theme of “The Biosphere of Grids and Networks.”

High Performance Computing Ph.D. Fellowship Program closes 30 October — published 16/10/2007

The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE-Computer Society and the SC Conference Series have announced the first year of the High Performance Computing Ph.D. Fellowship Program. Fellowship applications are due 30 October 2007.

Business Opportunities for Grid at EGEE07 — published 09/10/2007

The Business Track at EGEE’07 took a close look at Grid adoption by the commercial sector from the perspective of vendors, large and small enterprises, and technology transfer through projects like EGEE.

News from EGEE Business Associate, GridwiseTech — published 08/10/2007

News from EGEE Business Associate, GridwiseTech

EGEE hits 100,000 jobs per day and counting — published 02/10/2007

BUDAPEST, 2 October 2007 -- Enabling Grids for E-sciencE announced today at the EGEE’07 conference in Budapest that they have successfully managed unprecedented computing workloads over the summer months of July, August and September. Doubling the average number of jobs since the spring quarter, EGEE ran 100,000 jobs daily, powered by an infrastructure of 41,000 CPUs.

EGEE announces three new Business Associates — published 01/10/2007

EGEE, the Enabling Grids for E-ScienceE project, today announced collaborations with three new Business Associates-- Avanade, Excelian and Hitachi— reflecting the increasing significance of grid technology in the commercial sector.


BEinGRID is looking for needs to incorporate new contractors and/or extend the participation of current ones in the consortium to coduct the second wave of Business Experiments

Business Track at EGEE'07, 1-5 October 2007, Budapest , Hungary — published 21/09/2007

The Value-Add of the Business Track at EGEE'07

Second EchoGrid fellowship call launched today. — published 21/09/2007

EchoGRID announces its 2nd Fellowship Call Today as part of its fellowship programme to encourage the exchange of personnel across countries and institutions.

GridNets2007 Conference : 17-19 October 2007 — published 17/09/2007

GridNets2007 Conference : 17-19 October 2007 First international Conference on Networks for Grid Applications.

EGEE '07 - Exhibition — published 13/09/2007

Logistics information for EGEE'07 Exhibitors now available on-line

Doing Business at EGEE 07 — published 11/09/2007

Business Track, 1-2 October 2007, within EGEE’07, 1-5 October, Budapest, Hungary

BELIEF e-Infrastructure Adoption Survey — published 10/09/2007

The BELIEF Project has developed a special survey to understand the needs and drivers for the adoption of e-Infrastructures and related technologies by enterprise and public administration.

EGEE-SEEGRID2 Joint Industry Day, 10 September 2007, Thessaloniki, Greece — published 05/09/2007

EGEE-SEEGRID2 Joint Industry Day, 10 September 2007, Thessaloniki, Greece: REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN!

ORIENT, GÉANT2 Link World’s Largest Telescope — published 04/09/2007

Radio Astronomers from Europe and China have for the first time used the trans-Siberian ORIENT circuit to connect telescopes thousands of miles apart, demonstrating what can be described as the world’s largest telescope.

Thailand goes tera: scientists connect to the power of ThaiGrid — published 03/09/2007

Thailand goes tera: scientists connect to the power of ThaiGrid - Scientists across the globe are cranking up their computing requirements: they want more processing power to tackle ever more challenging problems.

Cracow Grid Workshop 2007 — published 30/08/2007

The Cracow Grid Workshop 2007 will take place 15-17 October 2007, Kraków, Poland. Deadline for early registration: 20 September 2007

CoreGrid Symposium — published 29/08/2007

CoreGrid Symposium– A Premiere in the Spreading of European Grid Technologies Research Results. CoreGRID gathered key players from European and Member States initiatives in Grid research, as well as international projects in the field, to disseminate signigificant research results in Grid Technologies.

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The Call for Abstracts of the 3rd EGEE User Forum opened on 22 October 2007

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